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Coconut Oil Ear Mite Remedy for Pets


Ear mites are fairly common in pets and are a general annoyance for both pets and pet owners. The most noticeable sign of an ear mite infestation is scratching around the ears. The ears may also become red, inflamed, and there may also be a dark waxy material that resembles coffee grounds inside your pets ears. Ear mites should be treated as quickly as possible so they don’t migrate outside the ear, or lay eggs and repeat the cycle. Fortunately ear mites can be treated naturally. If you wish to treat ear mites naturally below is a natural coconut oil ear mite remedy suitable for pets.


3tsp extra virgin coconut oil (where to find coconut oil?)

1- 500 IU capsule vitamin E

In a small bowl break open vitamin E capsule and mix with coconut oil. Stir together well. Heat on stove or oven just enough to melt coconut oil. DO NOT MICROWAVE. Drop into ears and massage. Repeat once daily for three days, stop for two, and then repeat an additional three more days. If there is no improvement see your vet.


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